What to Expect

Your pictures are a way to connect with the past and relive the emotion in the present.  As time forages forward, our friends move away, families grow and our loved ones may pass on.  That’s where our talents as photographers become invaluable.  We understand the importance of having those happy, carefree moments captured  so they can be relived and passed on through generations.  That’s why we do what we do.  We want you to cherish the moments we capture for years to come.

Because your memories are so important to us, we want to make your experience with your photography as stress-free as possible.  Whether you’re planning your wedding day or your high school senior is preparing to embark on the next leg of his or her journey, we want to be there.

How do we accomplish this?

Step 1 

First, I want to make sure we’re available for your wedding day.  I only take on a limited number of projects for the year to make sure you are receiving the highest quality experience coupled with our elegant, hand-crafted products.  You can fill out our contact form, email us at info@orchard-photography.com or reach with us a phone call at (216) 536-6386.

Step 2

Whether we meet at my cozy home office, sip on lattes at the local coffee shop or grab a bite to eat somewhere in between, I want to get to know you better.  I want to hear all about you and see if our packages and personalities are a good fit.

Step 3

After booking us for a wedding, I like to sit down and create a timeline for your day.  Not only will that help us to ensure successful photography for your day, but it also makes sure that you’re fully enjoying your wedding experience.  I want to make sure we work together to leave ample time to capture your wedding pictures through every part of the day.  We structure our timeline so that the day flows smoothly and you have an amazing time enjoying the benefits of your long months of planning.

Step 4

During your wedding, we will capture all of the details that you poured into your day to make it as unique as you.  During the ceremony, it is our goal to be as stealthy and unobtrusive as possible so we are not distracting or disruptive.  When it comes to the formal and group pictures, we take the reigns.  We’ll position everyone for both traditional and creative portraits.  I’m often asked what our ‘style’ of photography is and the best way that I can answer is creative and fun!  At the reception, we immerse ourselves into the festivities to give you pictures from a one point perspective.

Step 5

After we capture your day, it takes us roughly 45-50 days for me to contact you to let you know the pictures are ready.  We’ll unveil your pictures and go through your album design, online gallery and explain the intricacies of what to do to move forward.

I hope that make the process a little clearer and helps you understand what to expect when you book with us.


Orchard Photography   –   216-536-6386   –   vanessa@orchard-photography.com  –  facebook.com/OrchardPhotography

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